Bharats’ Military Conquests in Foreign Lands


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Between 900 BCE and 1680 CE, at least 21 military expeditions were launched by Indian rulers across raging seas and beyond the most formidable mountains to far-off foreign lands. There, Indian fleets and armies clashed with some of the mightiest military powers of human history. This myth-busting book provides a thrilling yet true account of these expeditions and explores what they tell us about the “Indic strategic mindset” from a historical perspective.

There is so little research on the overseas military operations undertaken by Indian rulers and the motivations for the same. It is here that this book by Mr Venkatesh Rangan fills a much needed gap in our understanding of our past. It is a unique work and the first of its kind. – Vice Admiral A R Karve, PVSM, AVSM

Venkatesh Rangan’s “Bharat’s military conquests in Foreign lands” is a highly researched work that carries forward this process of psychological decolonization…” – Anand Ranganathan, Scientist and Author

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About the Author:

Venkatesh Rangan is a finance professional based in Mumbai; India with a passionate interest in ancient and medieval Indian history. He is an author of books; research papers and concept notes on various unsung and untold stories of our past. The current work is based on over 60 original sanskrit/prakrit manuscripts and inscriptions along with Tibetan; Chinese; Japanese Arabic and Pehlevi works.

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