Book Presentation - ''Mahabharata Unravelled - II: The Dharma Discourses'' by Ami Ganatra


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About the Book

The first volume of Mahabharata Unravelled covered the itihasa of our ancestors true to the narration of Rishi Veda Vyasa. But the Mahabharata is more than a story of the past. It has extensive discourses on ethics, personal and social interaction, administration, jurisprudence and related topics, in the form of conversations. For instance, the Shanti Parva, the largest of the 18 parvas, is a treatise on Raja Dharma. Advice on the responsibilities and duties of leaders and administrators is imparted to Yudhishthira by Bhishma from his bed of arrows on the field of war. Then there is a profound dialogue between Dhritarashtra and the erudite Vidura that appears in Udyoga Parva, popularly known as Vidura Neeti. Likewise, there is a thought-provoking story narrated by Rishi Markandeya to the Pandavas of a meat-seller who teaches dharma to a Brahmin named Kaushika.

In this book, Ami Ganatra highlights the most important lessons from the Dharma discourses found in the Mahabharata. Their teachings hold true even in current times, perhaps more so than ever.

About the Author

Ami Ganatra is an alumna of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). She has over fifteen years of experience in business strategy and consulting, living across four continents and working across a multitude of sectors. In her personal life, she is a devout yoga practitioner and a certified yoga instructor. She is also a student of Sanskrit and Indian knowledge systems. She has authored two other books – Mahabharata Unravelled: Lesser known Facets of a well known History, (Bloomsbury, July 2021) and Ramayana Unravelled: Lesser known facets of Rishi Valmiki’s epic (Bloomsbury, July 22) thus far. Her books are not retellings or re-imaginations, but an attempt to go back to the original itihasa and present the story, learnings and nuances for what they are, and make the epics accessible to all.

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