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About the Book:

Misrakesi comes to the newly-formed Mauryan court with a mission-to avenge the death of her sister. However, an encounter with Chanakya, the man she had planned to kill, sets her on an unexpected path…She lands the highly-coveted job of a spy, masquerading as a dancing girl. In a kingdom fraught with intrigue, Misrakesi must always remain one step ahead. With the help of her handsome but arrogant chief Pushyamitra, she must concoct the perfect blend of sweetness and seduction to vanquish the enemies of the state. But when she is sent to subtly conquer a powerful neighboring kingdom, she might be in for more than what she bargained for. Will she succeed in her mission? Or more importantly, will she even survive to tell the tale? Meticulously researched, this historical page-turner packs in romance, political intrigue, and mystery to make for a racy read.

About the Author: Sumedha Verma Ojha, author, translator, columnist, speaker and cultural activist was born in Patna and went to school in Bihar and Jharkhand.

She studied at Delhi University and joined the Indian Civil Services in 1992 but switched careers after a sabbatical in 2006 and now writes, speaks and lectures across the world with a focus on Indian and US universities.

She is engaged in research on ancient Indian History, Sanskrit and Prakrit works with a focus on a gendered understanding of the past. Her books include the Urnabhih historical fiction series set in Mauryan India which has been picked up for turning into a movie and a 2016 translation of the Valmiki Ramayana.

She also works in the area of conservation of cultural heritage with a focus on the intangible heritage of oral traditions. The Los Angeles Library system has accredited her as an author and part of its South Asian outreach.

She contributes articles on history and culture to many newspapers and and also works as a media consultant providing inputs in ancient Indian history.

She lives in Geneva, Switzerland, with her husband.

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